“FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH” Our 2020 collection is For what it’s worth is about taking different parts of my past and putting them together. For me art is a way of showing emotion and being open which is something I am not as used to doing with growing up in an Nigerian household. This led me to the title of the collection “For what it’s worth” because I was exploring very uncharted territory with being this open about myself. The title encapsulates my feeling towards being so personal with my work and me being unsure of how it will be received. Each piece tells its own story from different periods of my life. 

For the lookbook I took inspiration from two major parts of my life that influenced me while growing up. For the framing of the picture, I was inspired by a stamp from Nigeria which I had found in my dad’s briefcase when I was much younger. This was my most cherished possession I had because it was one of the main connections I obtained with the home that I’ve heard many stories about but had never seen at that point. In deciding a location I wanted to recreate the scenery of a typical Nigerian compound. Concrete floors, Tall painted gates and plants. I combined these two points of personal nostalgia, which also captured my envisioning of what Nigeria was like from the stories I was told growing up and the reality of my experiences from getting to grow up in Nigeria in the second half of my childhood.  

My favorite Piece of the collection would be the 7am Denim two piece. With this piece I was looking at creating something as simple as jeans and making it my own, I was inspired by my childhood and how growing up in my family it was essential to have a pair of old jeans that had paint all over it, my father was a contractor and on the weekends my dad would wake my siblings and I up at 7am to go to work with him where we helped out with a wide range of things like carrying wood to painting. After a long day of work I would love to come home and see how much I ended up getting on my jeans just because of how interesting I thought it was. Then I would fold them up and put them back in my closet to wear the next time I work with my dad. So I took inspiration in this experience to create the 7am denim because to me having denim with paint all over it was an essential and I wanted to share this with the world.

We sat in a circle under the moonlight in Osogbo’s 

harmattan dry air telling stories,

We all know stories, we all have stories

If I am to tell stories for what it’s worth I will start with my own.

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